The following links will take you to GPS position data and derived strain-rate data from buoy arrays deployed in the Arctic between 2006 and 2013. Each link is for a seperate buoy array, labeled by deployment region and time, and leads to a page with link to data directory. There are readme files in each directory containing metadata.

Beaufort Sea 09/2006

Beaufort Sea 03/2007 , for the SEDNA field experiment.

Beaufort Sea 08/2007

Central Arctic 09/2007

North Pole 04/2010

North Pole 04/2011

Beaufort Sea 08/2011

North Pole 04/2012

Beaufort Sea 08/2012

North Pole 04/2013

Beaufort Sea 08/2013

All data is available here, and can be downloaded as a gziped tar file from here.