Jenny Hutchings
Employed by: College of Earth Ocean and Atmospherics Sciences , Oregon State University
Affilation: International Arctic Research Center , University of Alaska Fairbanks

Contact Info Address
104 CEOAS Administration Building
Corvallis, OR 97331-5503

Community Support

Ice Watch : Supporting Arctic sea ice observations

ASSIST : Data collection software and archiving for Ice Watch

IARC / CliC Ice Plan : Field planning support, currently inactive

2010 Sea Ice Outlook Ship Observations

2005 SIMBA Workshop


Publications (while at UAF)

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Snow, Ice & Permafrost Group
Alaska Satellite Facility

Previous Affiliations

UK Met. Office
Climate Physics Group, UCL
Ph.D. thesis
CATS-MIEOW Cruise 1999

Current Research

General Interest:
Interaction between ice dynamics and the (i) sea ice mass balance, and (ii) ocean-atmosphere fluxes.
Investigation of sea ice deformation on local to Arctic basin scales and development of models reproducing realistic deformation.
Observations and field work in support of sea ice dynamics modeling.
Identification of the role of dynamic precondition in recent Arctic sea ice loss and interannual variability.

Previous and ongoing research topics include:
  • Observation and modelling of tidal and inertial motion of sea ice
  • Dispersion of pack ice
  • Scaling relationships of sea ice deformation in time/space
  • Development of Discrete Element Method (DEM) models of sea ice drift and deformation
  • Identification of modes of failure of pack ice and pressured ice from satellite imagery
  • Understanding dynamic preconditioning of the ice-albedo feedback and how this relates to interannual variability of sea ice volume in the Arctic
  • Validation of rheological models for continuum sea ice models
  • Modelling interannual variability of Arctic sea ice
  • Investigating multiple equilibrium solutions of the viscous--plastic model
  • Development of fine resolution isotropic viscous-plastic models of ice deformation
  • The use of remote sensed and in-situ data in observing sea ice deformation and validating rheological models
  • Finite volume solution of continuum mechanics sea ice models
  • Development of a pressure correction method for the viscous--plastic model, to couple momentum and continuity equations
  • Field Work

  • Sea Ice Deformation Buoy Arrays, in the Arctic Observing Network.
  • SIPEX-II: Sea Ice Physics and Ecosystems Experiment
  • SEDNA: Sea Ice Experiment - Dynamic Nature of the Arctic
  • Beaufort Sea Ice Camp, Spring 2007 (APLIS 2007)
  • BGEP: Since 2006 provided in-situ sea-ice observations for the Joint Ice Ocean Study Cruises. Ice Watch data is here.
  • Sea Ice Tide-Inertial Interaction (SITII). Website dates from 2006, and is no longer maintained.
  • Ice Station POLarstern (ISPOL): Investigating sea ice deformation in the Weddell Sea, with an array of drifting buoys. Buoy position data.
  • ICORTAS: Analysis of sea ice deformation from ADCPs in an array of moorings.
  • Beaufort Sea Ice Camp, Spring 2003 APLIS 2003 : Small Scale Ice Dynamics Experiment. GPS position data.

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