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Arctic Remote Sensing Group (ARSG)

Conferences on Permafrost 1963-2008

Frozen Ground

ICORTAS (Ice Covered Ocean Response To Atmospheric Systems)

Modeling study on the reponse of lower trophic level production to climate change

Multidecadal variability (MDV) in the Arctic and North Atlantic climate system

Observations and modelling of Dense Water Cascading from the Laptev Sea Shelf

Pan-Arctic Studies of the Coupled Tropospheric, Stratospheric and Mesospheric Circulation

P-OMIP (Pilot Ocean Model Intercomparison Project)

Sea Ice Tide - Inertial Interaction

SEDNA: Sea ice Experiment - Dynamic Nature of the Arctic

Siberian Sea Shelf Study

Social Vulnerability to Climate Change in Alaskan Coastal Communities

Study of uncertainty of sea ice albedo in the Arctic in observations and modeling

Topo Climate Modeling of Surface Air Temperature